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The Agency

The Puntland Petroleum and Mineral Agency (PPMA) is an agency owned by the Puntland State of Somalia through which the Agency implements the State’s Petroleum and Mineral exploration and development policies. PPMA was established in 2009. It replaced a ministry that was established during President Mohamud Muse Hersi’s term. The agency is headed by the President of the State who appoints a director to manage the day-to-day task of the Agency. Current President is Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali and the current director is Mr. Isse Mohamud Farah (Dhoollawaa). The staff of the Agency includes geoscientists (geologists, geophysicists petroleum engineers), as well as other office staff that supports the administration of the Agency.  The Agency also benefits from the advice of national and international advisors / consultants that offer legal, geological and contractual services.



PPMA’s vision is to become a leading State petroleum and mineral agency which is capable in competing regionally, nationally, and globally and environmentally responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of the people of Somalia, in general, and of Puntland in particular, as well as all national and international stakeholders.



The mission of PPMA includes: (i) participation and engagement in the exploration, proper and sustainable exploitation (development & production) and distribution of hydrocarbon, coal, mineral and rock products and related services; (ii) facilitation of a fair trading policy and environment of geo-resources products; (iii) safeguard the supply of petroleum products into the State while developing quality and safety standards for the protection of people, properties and the State’s environment; (iv) facilitate and encourage the investment of renewable energy (e.g., wind, solar and geothermal energies) which is highly potential within the territory of Puntland State of Somalia.